pairing : bakugou katsuki x reader, slight!todoroki x reader. warnings : alcohol, arguments, cursing, aged up. a/n: hi! this is my first time writing for prompt: the reader has too much to drink and Carlos looks after her like the good boyfriend he is. word count: 1,664. a/n: Also guys, I'd be glad to take any...
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    Clipped (Yandere!Hawks x reader) A/N: Inspired by a concept submitted to @yandere-love-love-love about how Hawks would react to a reader with dove wings. yandere enji x reader. summary; since enji took you, you've only really missed one thing; your houseplants. no, wait, not the houseplants...

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    Implied/Referenced Abuse; Language: ... Words: 14078 Chapters: 50/50 Comments: 15 Kudos: 224 Bookmarks: 8 Hits: 5186. Love is War - Yandere Simulator X Reader ...

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    Let's Talk About Yanderes. They/Them --- Requests Are Closed --- Commissions Info --- If you want a masterlist, you can find that here. It's not! I think I wrote like, two interaction pieces before the primary election about Bernie Sanders' bodyguard tazing the reader-insert specifically because people kept...

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